Writing assignments

Each student composes two blog posts. These posts provide the opportunity to reflect on and share their experience and knowledge with a wide audience.

By 21 June and 28 June, respectively, a draft of one post should be completed. Both posts should be “published” in final form no later than July 1.

Topic #1: Displaying the Etruscans and Romans: Reflections on our museum field trips
During the field trips to Rome, Chiusi, and Cortona, we will visit several different types of museums.  As you encounter the exhibitions in these museums, pay careful attention to how the artifacts are displayed and which displays make an impression upon you, either positive or negative. Take notes. Consider the intent and purpose of the displays: who is the audience? What interpretations of the material are possible or limited by the nature of the display? Your blog post should highlight one or two exhibitions from those museums and offer your audience a window into the history of Central Italy through its museums. You may think of this as a museum review, but one that is specific and based on your knowledge of Etruscans and Romans in this region.

Topic #2: Contextualizing the Gioiella Villa excavations

For this post you have the opportunity to reflect on your experience working on the excavation site of the Gioiella Villa. Choose a day or a moment on the excavation that you want to share with the general public. Your post should demonstrate not only your understanding of the work we are doing on the archaeological sites but also how the remains we are uncovering can be contextualized within the larger history of Central Italy. You may choose to focus on a single object, a category of object, or an assemblage of objects found together. As the work on the project progresses, other possibilities may be revealed.

General Guidelines for Blog Posts

  • Discussion and analysis should be connected to specific evidence that we have studied in ARCL 340. In other words, you need to contextualize your post within the historical and material periods of our course. When you reference sources, you must cite them properly.
  • You may adopt a less formal writing style, but your final product should be clear and free of spelling or grammatical errors.
  • You can include photos, links, and other media in your post.  
  • Your posts should be between 750 and 1000 words.

We reserve the right NOT to publish any posts we consider to be of insufficient quality.

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